SCBWI Summer Conference

At the beginning of this month, I attended the SCBWI Summer Conference in LA. I've been a few times in the past and found it very useful and inspiring, this year was no different. Lots of fantastic speakers, powerful stories, and helpful advice. Here's a slideshow of a few highlights:

Adventures in 2015

2015 has turned out to be quite the busy year, whew! Here's a quick update of some of my artwork and travels.

In February, I went to NYC for the Annual SCBWI Winter Conference.

Three days of inspiring and thought provoking lectures from many of my kidlit heroes. I especially enjoyed hearing Pat Cummings interview David Ezra Stein about his process, I'm excited to read his new book "Tad and Dad." Another highlight was hearing Kwame Alexander talk about his journey to winning the Newbery, his stories and poetry brought both laughter and tears, that man knows how to give a speech! 

It was a delight to spend time with the the many other writers and illustrators who attended, and a bonus to leave with these lovely promo cards.

After NYC, I headed to Boston for some business and to spend time with friends.

Every morning I ate breakfast with Thomas the cat, who would casually attempt to steal my bacon.

One afternoon, I had a sketch session at the Boston Aquarium.

My visit was bookended by snow storms, which provided some impressive icicles.

Not long after I returned, I flew to California for a family event.

The trip was quick, but I was able to squeeze in some time to sketch the coastline.

At PDX I was greeted by this beautiful behemoth. Maybe a clock? Maybe the gateway to Narnia? We may never know...

Back in Washington, I've been doing research for a picture book idea.

In April, I attended my hometown SCBWI conference, held by the Western Washington chapter. Another fantastic conference full of inspiring kidlit pros and attendees alike. I especially enjoyed hearing David Wiesner talk about books and his process, as well as hearing Carter Hasegawa and Kristen Nobles give a behind-the-scenes look at Candlewick

Here's a character I designed in David Wiesner's character design intensive. A Koala mailman with a punctuality problem. 

Thanks for visiting! 

Panda Sketches

Here are two random panda sketches I drew this weekend.

This is Electric Bass Panda throwing down some mellow grooves. He's going to a bar after this, where we all know he eats shoots and leaves.

This is Super Panda riding his Turbo Trike, he's off to save the day, as usual. His trike is faster than it looks, he just has to be careful about getting his cape caught in the back wheels.