Keytar Panda

Howdy folks!

Here's a new illustration I just finished, I call it Keytar Panda. Below are close-ups and photos of the process. 

This is the sketchbook page that inspired the idea. I doodled it while on the phone, it's always fun to see what the brain throws out while it's distracted. 

I built a rough model for lighting and pose reference.

Tight-ish line drawing before painting. 

 Value and color studies. The rooster was originally a songbird, but it changed when I was painting these studies. I felt the rooster's bigger silhouette would be stronger and the bold dashes of red around it's face would be a good accent.

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Panda Sketches

Here are two random panda sketches I drew this weekend.

This is Electric Bass Panda throwing down some mellow grooves. He's going to a bar after this, where we all know he eats shoots and leaves.

This is Super Panda riding his Turbo Trike, he's off to save the day, as usual. His trike is faster than it looks, he just has to be careful about getting his cape caught in the back wheels.