Snow White


Today I'd like to share a new illustration and a bit of my creative process. The illustration is for the story "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs" and was created as an assignment for the Illustrator's Intensive at the SCBWI Winter Conference that happened this past February in NYC (blog post about that to come soon).

Here are a few of my preliminary sketches, I started with character designs of Snow White and the dwarfs. At first, I was unsure of how to depict the dwarfs, my research uncovered many different interpretations in myths and folklore. From Tolkien to Norse mythology, I found the common threads were that dwarfs were short, homely, little men, who were exceptionally skilled at smithing. My jumping off point was a bucket of reference photos of miners, lumber jacks, and hipsters that I didn't use for another project, and that got me really stoked up to design their outfits.

Researching dwarfs also got me thinking about how sexist the story of "Snow White" is, all the females are either evil or helpless. So my solution was to make the dwarfs women and to show Snow White's mad carpentry skills. Ok, so maybe the Snow White in my illustration needs some practice with home repair, but my logic was that she had built some bird houses before and was slowly honing her craft. In any case, my intent was to show that she's not entirely helpless, and she's doing the dwarfs a favor by staying, not just mooching off them because she's a spoiled princess.

After I had my characters, scenic elements, and composition, I started refining my sketches. This was the final line drawing on watercolor paper before I started painting.

Then I did a small color study to determine my palette.

Here's the final illustration and close-up detail images. The medium is acrylics on watercolor paper.

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Ovation Magazine Cover


This is a cover illustration I created for the Kirkland Performance Center. Every year when they release their new season of shows they publish an issue of their Ovation magazine. For this cover, the tagline is "Family Matters Here" and they wanted an image showing performers thanking the audience. KPC had a pretty solid idea of what they were looking for, but I sketched a few different designs just to give them options. 

They liked both sketches A and B, so I did tighter drawings to flesh out the details and compositions.

The client chose design A, so I did two quick color studies...

And then painted up the final amd KPC performed their graphic design magic and there you have it!

Eccentric Jazz Musicians

Here are some silly sketches of eccentric jazz musicians I drew for fun. They're all playing avant-garde jazz, I'm pretty sure they have no idea what they're doing. They perform on street corners because no club will tolerate their noise. Just a bunch of rag tag kooky cats.

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Jazmyn Update

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Here's an update on the Jazmyn illustration I posted a little while back.

These are the first thumbnails I sent to the client.

 I created this final sketch before creating the finished illustration.
In addition to the colored final, they commissioned a line drawing version to use as a coloring book page, which I think is a pretty nifty idea.

On a side note, I just found out today that having this illustration published by Rainbow Rumpus Magazine qualifies me for full membership with the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators! Hooray! Thanks for visiting.

Bird Girl Postcard

Howdy howdy!

This month I sent this illustration out as a postcard. Below are a few of the sketches I did in preparation for the painting. Since I've been using ballpoint pen and watercolors in my sketchbook recently, I thought I would try using the media for a finished illustration. To make things easy, I used my travel kit consisting of a small watercolor palette, two travel brushes, and a ballpoint pen. It was oodles of fun!

I also revamped my website and super sized all the images, check it out!

Feeling Cosmic in Washington

Howdy Folks!

In the time that's passed since my last post I moved to Washington state! I'm living in the radical town of Kirkland and doing an internship at the super cosmic Run Studios. Everything has been stellar so far and I'm just a short ride from Seattle! Speaking of Seattle, here are a few doodles I did when I was there last week. I saw these people walking around and I'm pretty sure that if I had heard them speak, this is what they would have said:

Well, that's all for now. But I have many projects in the works, so I hope to have something to share with you soon! Thanks for taking a look!