Poem #1 - Longhorn Steer

Howdy hey!

Here's a little poem and sketch I worked up tonight. I've been challenged to write and illustrate poems on a regular basis. I'll attempt to post one on my blog each week. The topic and style will vary, but I'm feeling the that the first couple will be inspired by animals. Hopefully it will churn up some useful and interesting (and most definitely weird) ideas. Thanks for visiting!

Hippo Poem

Howdy Folks!

Here is a little painting/sketch I did for fun the other night. As a break from sitting on a computer all day, I busted out the acrylics and color pencils for a hour. I was looking for a toned working surface, so I painted on the back of some illustration board. Originally, I was going to paint several animals, but a poem seemed more appropriate. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking!