Monochrome Magic!

Howdy Hi!

I have some new illustrations to share with you all! Lately, I've been working on developing black and white spot illustrations for my portfolio. To add a bit of a challenge, I have been trying to finish each in under two days. My process has started to develop into a routine, I usually come up with the idea at night and then the next morning I finish the illustration in a few hours.

To speed things up, all of these illustrations were done in mixed media, utilizing India ink, acrylics, and pencil. In a few places I even used ballpoint pen to add small details. I used Photoshop for clean-up, but the pieces were done pretty analog.

"Southwest Santa," acrylics,ink, and pencil on illustration board.

Description: After the holidays ended, I was listening to Bob Dylan's cover of "Must be Santa" and felt oddly inspired to do something Christmas themed. I guess Bob can have that effect on people. On a side note, the cactus is named "Mr. Wactus the Talking Cactus."

"Mr.Whiskers and His Magical Cats," acrylics,ink, and pencil on illustration board.

Description: A little while back I did an illustration for a story called "The Magical Cat," about a man/cat that rides the train. In the intro, it briefly mentions how many feral cats ride the train too. When I did this sketch last year I really liked the composition (and I love to draw cats! But who doesn't?!) so I was very happy to be able to do a finished piece.
"The Three Little Pigs," acrylics,ink, and pencil on illustration board.

Description: Classic folktales and strong silhouettes are always fun too! I've been studying the illustrations in the old Wizard of Oz books, and realized that John R. Neill broke things down into a really simple value range. Often times he used only black, white, and simulated gray (through cross hatching). In this fashion, I try to use only three values in my sketches to get the basic silhouettes and composition. My palette for the final piece has a six step value range, which allows me to work relatively quickly.

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