New Picture Book Paintings - Milo's Garden

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At the beginning of this year, I finished two new paintings for Milo's Garden, a picture book project I've been working on for some time. In past posts, I've shown paintings for Milo, but the story and style have continued to evolve and I'm excited to share the latest illustrations with you. The story is about a young boy who dreams of growing a garden, and tries many different approaches to coax his plants into growing. These paintings were created with pencil and acrylics on watercolor paper.

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Milo's Garden, Pages 22 & 23

Here are more process photos for Milo's Garden. In this image, a gang of dubious (yet very jolly) characters are stealing a tree that grows musical instruments. As with the previous illustrations from this project, I used acrylics and color pencils to render the finals.

Line Drawing

Tracing the drawing onto watercolor paper

Color study

Painting in background


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Milo's Garden, Pages 26 & 27

Here's another spread from Milo's Garden, a picture book I'm working on. In this scene, Milo is camped out in his garden and is surrounded by a group of mischievous creatures that snuck in while he was sleeping.

Line drawing

Color study

 I started this painting with a blue wash

I painted a X on the back to keep the paper from curling


The final!

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Milo's Garden, Pages 2 & 3

At the beginning of this year, I started kicking around picture book ideas about dreams and nighttime. The ideas evolved into a 32 page wordless picture book I titled Milo's GardenThe book is about Milo, an aspiring gardener who attempts to grow a mysterious seed. But each night, a mischievous gang of strange, whimsical creatures clamber into his garden and muck things up.

Here are some process pictures for a double page spread I recently finished. I've been using acrylics and color pencil on watercolor paper. 

Line drawing. 

Color study

 Line drawing and painting on my drawing board

Painting in progress

 The final