Eccentric Jazz Musicians

Here are some silly sketches of eccentric jazz musicians I drew for fun. They're all playing avant-garde jazz, I'm pretty sure they have no idea what they're doing. They perform on street corners because no club will tolerate their noise. Just a bunch of rag tag kooky cats.

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Mac the Swinging Jazz Cat

Last week was my friend Francine's birthday, so I made her this little painting. Francine and her husband Scott are proud parents of Mac, a large cat with a mustache. Mac is very lethargic and spends most of his time sleeping on the porch or pretending to be friendly so that he can bite people. In my imagination, when Mac is alone he spends the day listening to records and dancing, and that's why he's so tired in the evening. Additionally, he's pissed off because when other people are around he can't play his favorite albums.

The style was inspired by the backgrounds that Walt Peregoy painted for "101 Dalmatians," which I watched a few days earlier. On the DVD, there was a making-of documentary in which Mr. Peregoy talked about how he was given free reign to paint the backgrounds and that he wouldn't allow anyone to mess with them, he sounded like one tough dude. I think Mac would have loved Walt's attitude and style, and I like to think that Walt Peregoy would enjoyed Mac's fanciful mustache.