Zoo Animals

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Howdy Folks!

At the end of last month I went to the Denver zoo with some of my drawing buddies. The above drawing is the Dandy Lion. My buddy, Chris, came up with the name which inspired me to create this crazy, yet nattily dressed lion. Below are sketches from the building that I like to call The Reptile Room.

And this here is a moving picture of a swimming lizard.

From the Deepest Wilds of Africa

"From the Heart of Africa" - Pochade #1
5"x7", Acrylics on Illustration Board
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"From the Heart of Africa" - Pochade #2
5.75"x5.75", Acrylics on Illustration Board
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Yesterday, I once again ventured to the zoo with my illustrator buddy for a little painting (and the paintings were literally little...ha ha!). We brought our easels and paints this time, and set up near a group of African-looking huts for some plein air painting. Standing in the same place, I painted two small pochades in a series that I playful named "From the Heart of Africa" (which was obviously far from the truth since I was at the Denver Zoo). I only spent about an hour on each painting, my goal for the day was just to have fun painting and playing with color. As a new exercise, I tried painting with my glasses off. This reduced everything into colorful shapes, which was quite beneficial for simplifying the composition. When I was packing up, I noticed a happy accident. By placing the paintings side-by-side, they create a panorama! This was a completely unplanned, but a welcome accident.
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