New Animation

Howdy Folks!

Here are three new videos I just uploaded!

The first is a demo reel showing clips from different projects I've worked on over the past few years. I recommend turning on the high definition version by clicking the little 'HD' button, it looks bold and beautiful.

This next one is a little promo for Microsoft Production Studios, I worked on the 3D section. The beginning starts with color bars and a tone, which are often put at the beginning of videos for calibration purposes, but aren't meant to be broadcast. They're used in this video to catch people's attention by tricking them into thinking the video isn't working properly and then the action launches into a ruckus animation that ultimately advertises video production services.

And this last one is an intro for a show on Xbox Live. I came up with the concept and animated it. To check out the style frames I created for it, go here:

Thanks for visiting!

Demo Reel, Super Deal!

Howdy Folkettes!

I have much to share with you! I just finished a new illustration and I compiled my demo reel!

The illustration was done for a competition in which the theme was diversity. My concept behind this picture is that the old lady is knitting sweaters for all the fairy tale creatures to show her love and acceptance. Everyone is having a great time, especially the Big Bad Wolf, who has made friends with all his enemies. Life is good!

The demo reel was made to generally showcase my animation skills. I'd like to thank Flo Musser, who wrote and performed the neat little song that I used for the sound track. She wrote the tune and we recorded it in the space of five hours!

We'll, I'm back to the drawing board! I'll write again soon!