Wild West Parade

Howdy folks!

Here's a new illustration I call Wild West Parade. Below are close-ups and photos of the process. 

This is my line drawing, I transferred it onto watercolor paper to paint the final.

I setup a small model for lighting reference. Building the characters on push pins allowed me to easily reposition them on the foam board base.

To approximate a campfire, I whittled down a small tealight and wrapped the base in aluminum foil. The Sculpty hot dogs got too close and burned, but I lucked out and nothing else caught on fire.

I tried a few different color studies, I chose the layout that had white space in order to display the characters clearly.

I separated the elements and painted them on watercolor paper with acrylic paint. Then I scanned them and arranged them in Photoshop. This method allowed me flexibility to make changes quickly.

Thanks for visiting, happy trails!

Art Show - Two for the Price of Free!

I'm participating in two art shows in and around Seattle, and both exhibitions are free to the public and will be up through October!

The first is an exhibition of my musician paintings, they're on display in the lobby of the Kirkland Performance Center, starting yesterday and hanging until the end of October. Earlier this year, these paintings hung at Monster Art and Clothing in Ballard and now, for your ocular pleasure, they're on the East Side! The ten original paintings are acrylic on canvas and have been described as whimsical, painterly, and silly. Here are directions and info about parking. A reception is in the works, I'll post an update when the date is set.

The second is a group exhibition called Into the Desert at Bluebird Microcreamery and Brewery on Capitol Hill in Seattle. My talented artist friend Joe Garber has written and illustrated a graphic novel called Canyonlands, which I highly recommend. For the launch party, Joe held a desert themed group art show and threw a party. Unfortunately, the party is over, but the artwork is still up through October! Here's a map. And while you're at it, you should read Joe's comic here (for free!) or better yet, order yourself a printed copy here (support the arts and become a champion!).

My painting for Into the Desert is called "Life in the Desert" and is about a gentleman (in the barrel) who has made poor financial decisions. Now he is an indentured servant to a gang of cowgirl bandits, which he doesn't seem to mind. Maybe he's happy because they have him cook their meals and at least he gets to eat. Or maybe he feels comforted because they roll with the fire spirit, the cow spirit, and the cactus spirit. Or maybe he's just happy to be spending time with beautiful cowgirl bandits. In any case, I hope they follow the number one rule of the desert (as stated in Canyonlands): "Always chout for rattlers!"

To wrap things up, here's some sweet Canyonland visuals that Joe whipped up for the launch party. Thanks for visiting!