Now for Something Quite Strange

So there it is, "Attack of Dr. Cheeze Whiz and his Cow Milk Clones." What, you might ask, inspired me to do something so strange and disturbing? Well, it all started with an innocent creative exercise called "Out of the Bag"...

At work one day, the benevolent and well-bearded Animation Lead, Will Hardin, came up with the superb idea of doing a weekly creative challenge. So everyone in the office wrote down words and sentences on scraps of paper and put them in an old paper take-out bag from Chipotle (yes, we proudly recycle). Once a week, we draw two pieces of paper from this wondrous bag and these two phrases create the theme. The challenge is to produce something interesting, and preferably artistic, by the time we reconvene in a week.

So what two phrases produced "Dr. Cheese Whiz"? The two offending scraps of paper said:

(1) Cheeeee-eeeze
(2) Out de door

When I read them, I wasn't sure what they actually meant, all I knew was that I had to draw a cow blasting someone with her udders. Then I started thinking about where milk comes from, and how gross and preverted it is to milk a cow and disgrace it by turning its milk into yellow, moldy bricks. Think about it.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Hopefully I'll have something nifty (and hopefully less disturbing) to share with you next time.

P.S. While we're on the subject of bizarre yet amazing art, I recommend that you check out the blog that Will Hardin and Brett Ciacco maintain (be aware that some of their drawings can be pretty far out) : Gnomes, Jamsters and Other Unsorted Sundries