Bird Girl Postcard

Howdy howdy!

This month I sent this illustration out as a postcard. Below are a few of the sketches I did in preparation for the painting. Since I've been using ballpoint pen and watercolors in my sketchbook recently, I thought I would try using the media for a finished illustration. To make things easy, I used my travel kit consisting of a small watercolor palette, two travel brushes, and a ballpoint pen. It was oodles of fun!

I also revamped my website and super sized all the images, check it out!

Happy Journey Collective

Hello Folks!

I'd like to direct you towards a great website, Happy Journey Collective! The website was started by a group of talented artists who wanted to create fresh and exciting custom coffin designs.

I feel highly honored that they asked me to create a design for their radical website! Below are some photos of my process. To see a higher resolution image of the finished illustration, please visit their website.