Super Cosmic 2D Animation

Howdy Folks!

I'm really excited about what I have to share with you in this post! As I mentioned before, I've been interning at the super cosmic Run Studios since June. Everyone who works there is mega rad, you should check out their website:

The first project I had the opportunity to work on was an amazing 2D extravaganza! We did it pretty old school, drawing and "inking" all the frames by hand. The boomin' crew at Run have some mad 2D skills and feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with them.

The video was for the Yahoo/Microsoft Search Alliance, you can check out the video here as well:

I was given the great privilege of working on several really cool parts of this video. I'm especially proud of the fire breathing dragon and the man throwing sunglasses that I got to animate. All the animation for the background characters is mine as well. There are some few other misc. shots as well as a lot of scanning and laying out frames that I got to work on. But in the end, I was a small part of the Run team. The crew at Run is so passionate and supportive, and I'm really glad to be working there.

Thanks for reading!