Adventures in Etsyland

Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I just finished working on an animation project, Adventures in Etsyland, and I can't wait to share the results with you! It was collaborative effort with my artist friend Kit Seaton. We developed the story together and then split the work up between us. She did all of the character design and most of the drawings, I handled the coloring and animation. Flo Musser was generous enough to compose and perform a sound track.

Adventures in Etsyland was created for the "Handmade Moment" contest held by, and the number of views the video gets is one of main factors that determines the finalist. So please take a moment to watch this short, 30 second film: And if you dig it please, we would greatly appreciate it if you share it with others that you know will enjoy it.
Thank you very much and enjoy!